Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking a Short Break...

I needed to take a few minutes to be somewhat creative. So as you can blog has a new look. Not necessarily the look I was going for...but I need to really take more time to figure out new templates and how to get them to look good. Anyway, welcome to the new Spring look! So guess what I noticed things on trees!!! YAY...the first hints of real spring. New life appearing! So refreshing. I am still searching for my new life or a renewal of the life I have. Next week is Gospel Music Week in Nashville and I actually have several of the artists that I work with that will be here this year. I am hoping that being around them for a few days will breathe a new passion in me. Well back to work for me. Remember when weekends actually meant something? :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

My new home in the country!

I have been in my new home for officially a month today! It has been quite the change and not something that I ever pictured for myself...well, not in many MANY years. I have become quite the city/town girl over the years. This place was too good to pass up though so here I am. Acres of land surround me and there are 3 horses on the property. The massiveness of the horses scares me at times, but then I get reminded of how gentle they actually are. It is peaceful out here. Outside my office, I can see a pond and even just that little bit of water sends a calming around me. I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can spend more time outside enjoying all the space I've been given. Even though it wasn't some place that I imagined being, it is the place I believe I need to be. I am also living with another person again. I am breaking the cardinal rule of roommates and living with an old friend. It has been a good thing so far. Of course there are the times of selfishness and getting used to another person, but it also has been nice to have someone to talk to.

Here's a pic of the land that surrounds me....

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yes, it is raining outside today. As I listen to the water drop on my rooftop, and window and see all the dreariness of this day, I am reminded of the dreary condition that has enveloped my heart. I am not sure where the sadness began, but it has become a part of who I presently am. I am in need of a change, but I don't know what that is. Or maybe I do know and I am just too scared to take those steps. The dreary, damp places are confusing.
The other truth I know about rain...especially rain in Spring is that without it, there would be no growth. That we have to go through these times of ickyness in order to see beauty. By surrendering to the rain and allowing it to do its job, the trees and ground are transformed. They have new life. I need to hold onto that truth for myself. I want to experience the growth that awaits me. I just need to allow the rain to do its thing.

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