Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Things are so nuts right now

Hi all!!! What is up with life just getting away from not only me but so many of you as well. Has someone hit a speed button on the universe? February just FLEW by...ZIP ZIP ZIP. I had such a great time in North Carolina. It was great hanging out with students and seeing my band boys in action. The promoter for the event put us up in our own house and I got the whole downstairs to myself. It was so peaceful and the "mountains" were beautiful. We wanted to go see Biltmore, but the price tag to just go see a flippin house....$25 a person. NUTS. Anyway, the weekend was refreshing and I want to go back!
This week I started another job. I'm doing really good at it so far. Its nice to have a little self-confidence booster...even though the job is SO easy, its still a great feeling to have caught on so quickly and to be surpassing expectations.
Yay for March being here in just a few hours. Thoughts of springtime and renewal are so refreshing. I am looking forward to seeing buds on trees and flowers blooming and all the things that make me warm and fuzzy when its 70 degrees outside.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

JUST another day...

Well, I figured I would do the trite post to this day. This year I actualy forgot for a majority of the day that celebrations happen all over the place today. In years past, I've spent the day being somewhat melancholy about my "table of one" status. I don't know if it was the whirlwind of activity or what but I didn't even think about it today. Today was JUST another day like the rest. It looks like I will be starting a 2nd job very soon. It will be another at home job...which will be great. I still have some details to work out with it, but this could be a good opprotunity to get a few extra dollars in the ol' pocket.
On another happy note, I get to get out of town this weekend! I get to be roadie/merch girl/pr girl/etc. for one of my bands all weekend. It will be my first trip actually traveling with a band and I am looking forward to it. So...if I don't write for a few days...that is where I am!
Happy Day to all my bloggy and real life friends. You guys rock!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Embracing who you are...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the life we've been given and the circumstances that come into life whether good or bad. Our lives are shaped by our reaction to the circumstnces that cross our path. I know I have failed many times in my bad reaction to circumstances. I know I've wasted much time pondering the "why me" question instead of putting up a fight and getting above my circumstances. Trials in life are meant to be learning experiences. I am finally ready to learn. I have made some big decisions the last few weeks to create a new beginning for myself. I have come to the conclusion that I really need to be willing to sacrifice for the greater good. I need to stop feelin like I am owed something, but instead to keep the long term vision in mind and realize that if I want my dreams to come sooner than later...there might be sacrifice required of me. I don't want ego to destoy my life. I don't want to think that I am above having hard times fall. I want to look for opptotunities around me to embrace this life that I've been given and to live it to the fullest. I want to look for opprotunities to be thankful for the many things I do have and the people in my life that have made my life fuller and richer.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Its about time...

We FINALLY got a snow day today! I woke up around 4 this morning and peeked outside and saw white! I felt like a little kid all giddy. I went back to sleep with the hope that the snow would still be there. There is definately something freeing and nostalgic about snow. Growing up in SW Wasthington, we also only got a couple days of snow a year and even just a little snow was enough for us to get the day off of school. One block away from me was a skateboard park...a little cement hill that became a place for us to sled with the right amount of snow. It was such a fun place during snow was carefree. Now as an adult who isn't fond of cold weather...there is something still about bundleing up for snow that makes the cold worthwhile. (for the day :) )
On a side note...I was woken up a couple hours later...definately still too early to get up by a bunch of kids screaming as they were sledding in the hold behind my condo. Yes...the old person in me came out as I wanted to shout at those kids to keep quiet. hee hee

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