Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hi friends! *waving* Sorry, I've been so negligent to keep you up to date on the happenings around here. I honestly don't know how all of a sudden its the middle of July. YIKES! Work has been taking up incredibly too much of my time recently, but I've also been on a discovery of strength. I've been lacking in strength both physical and emotional for way to long. The funny thing about losing strength is you don't realize how you were lacking it until you start gaining it again. Due to other physical problems, I've once again become anemic. But this time, I've become super anemic and am having to make some changes, take a ton of iron and stop beating myself up for wanting to sleep all.the.time and being so stinkin' forgetful. I've also taken stock in my emotional strength and not trying to not allow myself to be walked all over by people. To value myself and the person that God has created me to be. This person is not a doormat, but a strong independent woman who can kick ass when needed. (ok...so i need a bit more physical strength to do that, but you get the picture)
Now for the PSA portion of my blog. I have a new addiction....Vitamin Water. This stuff is amazing! Its depleting my bank account very quickly, but I love the stuff. All the yummy flavors are making it easy to get in the water that I need and then some. The stuff is so good that I'm normally choosing that over pop. That is a big accomplishment for me.
I hope all of you guys are doing well! I've missed writing to you, although I have been blog stalking all of you!

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