Friday, November 30, 2007

Hi Blogland!

Life has been running faster than I can think. For the most part things have been good. There have been some disappointments over the last 2 months and some struggles but I am embracing those things and have determined in my heart to not let those things cloud my vision. A couple weeks ago I had some good friends from home come visit and it was so refreshing. The 5 days with them were full of laughter and memories. The long weekend goes down in my life as one of the best times ever. There is something surreal about being around people that have known you for the majority of your life, but they click with the person you've become. After that visit, I went to Atlanta for another youth pastor convention. The week was filled with lots of work but it was great to reconnect with people.
In my hiatus time away from you all, I turned 31. It was a GREAT day! I hiked, went out to lunch with a good friend, went wine tasting and the day was topped off with dinner with friends. After dinner, I was given the best surprise ever! All of my bands and my bosses chipped in and gave me a 5 day Disney World vacation! The vacation I've been wanting to do for so long, but finances kept getting in the way. I was so blown away by all of their generosity! I leave in just over 2 weeks!!! I have not been able to stop looking at planning websites and scoping out my plan of attack for the week. I am just so thrilled to have 5 whole days to myself with no phone or computer to take my time. I don't think I've ever gone this long without thinking about or doing work. Every other time I get out of town, I am still reachable...but not this time! This trip is definately what I have needed to lift my spirits and keep surging ahead!

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