Monday, January 15, 2007

Friends and Starbucks

Sometimes this town is just too sureal. Today was one of those days. I was sitting in Starbucks having a meeting for work and the afternoon was filled with spottings. The best spotting by far was seeing the one and only Michael W. Smith. Such an iconic character in my teenage years. One of the very first cassettes that I owned was his...growing up he was always a musician that I wanted to meet but never had the opprotunity and today he was 10 feet away from me getting a cup of coffee. The strangest thing about Nashville is that musicians (especially Christian musicians) can just walk around and go about their lives without being bombarded by people ( my gawking was a little over the top...but I'm talking in general here people). This guy who is really the most successful musician in the Christian music industry was able to walk into a crowded Starbuck, order coffee, talk to a couple kids, get his coffee and walk out just like all of us.
In conclusion...I am a nerd who is still a BIG fan at heart. Its refreshing to see that my jaded booking agent self isn't always winning the battle for my soul. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Oh gosh. This week has been full of randomness. People have been really acting out of character. I have had many moments in the past couple days where I sit back, tilt my head, and say "reeeaalllyyyyy". Its quite the funny sight! Through it all I am resolved to hold my head high and not lose my character. I don't have the need to lower who I am in order to get my way. People that feel the need to bully or degrade in order to try and get what they want have no place in my life.
This last week my new church began a merge with another church. Funny thing is that the other church is a church I went to a couple years ago, but left for many reasons. Life is funny. I look forward to seeing the changes this will bring. Up until a couple years ago i was always very involved in church and different groups. It was my social life and the place where I felt connected both spiritually and emotionally. I have missed that part of myself greatly. I look forward to rediscovering her and seeing how she grows as time goes on. It makes me smile to see parts of that former person emerge. She is a little more grown up, a little more jaded and recently a lot more hopeful.

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